Sunday, May 27, 2012


Here is a good picture post. May has proven to be the most fun month of the year! These events are a tad out of order...but that just doesnt really matter. 

We got to have a fun date night last night. Our sweet mentors came over and spent the night with the kids and Justin and I went to the riverwalk and celebrated our friends 30th birthday and then stayed in a hotel. For some reason they upgraded us to the presidential suite for FREE! It was so beautiful! We do not take our time together for granted and we enjoyed every tiny second of this date!
Today we headed home after a yummy lunch downtown and regrouped then took the kids out to our friends house.  We got to ride in their helicopter which was really the icing on today's cake!

We went on a boat ride and the boys swam in a cave. 

Bryce learned to ski!

we fed cows and donkeys

ryker took braxton for a drive
bryce got to drive a dirt bike!

Last week we finished out the tball season. Bryce's team won 3 tournament games and made it all the way to the championship game! The boys played great and had so much fun! Bryce had a great coach and team this year and he got to bring home a 2nd place trophy. He is one proud guy.

Friday night we took the boys to the Boerne movie in the park. 
We put them in their pajamas and packed popcorn and pizza. We got to sit with lots of friends and we even made it to the end of the movie!

The boys had their last day of preschool on May 17th. Braxton was in the end of year program and he did a great job. He sang and danced his little heart out. They had a splash day after the program and the boys had a blast. 

For my birthday this year my dad bought us sea world passes!!! 
We have already used them twice in one week :) 

Last weekend me and some friends completed the spartan sprint. 5.7 miles of running, obstacles, mud, water, rope climbing, fire, barbed wire, tunnels etc. It was brutal and fun all at the same time. 

Bryce and some buddies got to do the spartan kids race!

My adorable husband and clever friends gave me a surprise birthday dinner! I had NO idea. I thought I was going on a date dinner with him and we walked into the restaurant and 30+ of my favorite people in the whole world were waiting inside for me!

do you see why i am such a happy girl? these people are funny. 

and here are a few more action shots from the race. i am proud ok?!

so if you hung on this far through the pics you get to hear a tiny little update. i have been a neglectful blog mommy these days but we have just been very busy making memories to put IN the blog. justin's health is very much the same. he has good weeks and bad weeks. his pain is still very high especially in the mornings. he has taken a small break from doctors appointments for now. he stays in close contact with his pcp and has him managing most of his medications. he just needs a break from all the negativity. he is one year from his diagnosis. he is one year away from the time when they said he had 1-3 years to live. justin has a long life ahead. we know that. his life is hard right now and he is often very miserable...but we know the Lord has something big in store for him. we are still on that rollercoaster ride. we still do not know what is on the other side of this mountain. we still do not know what the earthly outcome is going to be. what we do know is that time together is a very precious thing. it is something we took for granted for lots of years. there was a time when i would let a pair of dirty socks on the floor ruin my whole day. thankfully Christ redeems those foolish times and gives us lots of do overs. i am so very grateful for all the do overs. our lives are forever changed by Him. our convictions grow deeper as we grow closer to Him. He is pursuing us constantly and that amazing feeling outweighs ANYTHING. 

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