Wednesday, May 30, 2012

summer reading and some more do overs

Bryce and I decided to make a summer reading list. He really enjoys reading books to me now which is so fun...but I have such special memories of my parents and my meme reading to me. We decided to put together a list of books that I really want to read to him combined with some books that he really wants to hear. We have six books chosen for the summer. Ambitious, I know. But the babies still take a 2+ hour nap every afternoon so we will just see how it goes. I wanted to have 10 books on the list because there are so many others I want to read with him. Six it is for now.
Thank you to the friends who made such great suggestions!

Book #1 - we read chapter 1 today while i cooked dinner

Book #2

Book #3

Book #4

Book #5

Book #6

I am reminded more and more each day just how very short our time is with our loved ones here on earth. You know that crazy old lady in the grocery store that comes up to you when you are pregnant and says "oh dear it goes by so fast...enjoy every minute" You want to punch her blessed little face right off because your toddler is emptying a box of cheerios and you may or may not have just peed your pants. Yeah. Well...granny is right. The kids get bigger and the world just moves right on by. James 4:14 describes our lives on earth as just a vapor. How convicting. We have this tiny little breath to make an impact on our children our husbands and our world. We have this precious little bitty time to share about Jesus and be as much like Him as possible. I waste so much time on worldly things.
 So so much. 
I can wake up tomorrow with a list of things I want to do that will make me feel better about myself. OR I can wake up tomorrow and just do the darn things that He SAID TO DO. Over and over the Bible clearly tells us what we should be doing and how we should be acting and how to treat others and lots and lots of what not to dos. And at the end of the day, its like all REAL easy peasy stuff to do. It does NOT say....Hey you can do a couple of these if you feel like it. Or maybe feed the homeless if it is convenient for you this week and you have a sitter or maybe you should be nice to your dad if you have time and well maybe that lonely old lady needs a meal, but not if you were already planning to go out to dinner or something. HELLO. NOT!
Once again...thankful for do overs. 
Once again thankful that He loves my sinful self no matter what. 
Blessed and oh so very thankful. 
I am excited for summer. I am excited when He relights my fire. 

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