Wednesday, October 31, 2012

pumpkin mania

so apparently the macs dig the pumpkin patch. we have been SEVERAL times. we just cannot help ourselves. my kids do cute things there. and thats a fact!

this moment goes in the books. brody's dear friend mason bought him this pumpkin with his very own money. we are so blessed to have such great pals for our boys.

costume ready! check out those cuties...and the vans. cannot even handle it!

this little peach pie here is brody's one and only. i caught these cuties holding hands and gazing into each others eyes at brody's preschool fall fest. daddy sure was proud of this pic. 

Bryce won the teacher experience at the school fair. 
He got to visit the pumpkin patch with his teacher and bring a friend from class. 

There could not possibly be one more ounce of cuteness in this pic. 
Fun times with fun friends this fall!!

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