Tuesday, October 23, 2012

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We have had lots of fun with pumpkins the past few weeks. 
We visited the Medina Pumpkin Patch at Love Creek Orchards. Such a fun day :)

two brody's in a barrel 

braxton liked all the apples best. fresh apple juice and yummy apples!

 the boys had fun picking out clothes to dress scarecrows 

braxton loved following brody around in the hay maze

brody brushing a horse. the animals were definitely brodys highlight of the day.

three little buddies listening intently to the story about "po cat stew"

Then we visited the Boerne Pumpkin Patch with some friends!

the sweet pumpkin patch lady read the kids a story!

Now before you think we got rid of Bryce....he is still around :) He was just doing other fun things while we were at the pumpkin patches!

We also did a little pumpkin painting. 
One of my awesome friends put on an event for college girls at Oak Hills. I was so excited to get to take Katelyn! She is so precious to our family and I loved getting some one on one time with her. We got to share about Taking it to the Streets AND eat junk food. Score. 

I was asked to be the speaker for New Braunfels MOPS October Meeting. I was grateful for the opportunity to share some of our journey with some fellow mamas. My dear friend Mandy came with me for support which was so fun! I shared our story and also discussed transparency, intentional friendship and christian cliches. Fun to be on a different end of the MOPS spectrum and I loved every second of it! 

Bryce has got to so some fun stuff with Pop Pop lately! I am so blessed that my Dad chooses to come hang out with us so often. I still need to post pics of their VERY special camping trip. Pop Pop came in town this weekend to help Bryce get ready for hunting season. They went to practice shooting...or whatever it is you do when you "get ready for hunting" I am pretty sure it may mean to leave my house and go to the ice cream store. 

We finished up a great fall ball season. Bryce played coach pitch for the first time and he did great. He was the youngest kid on his team and he kept up well. BYAA is always a HUGE commitment time wise. I know Bryce loves it...but I am never too disappointed when a season ends :)

Some of my girlfriends who go to a different church invited me to their womens retreat. I was excited to go have some girl time and also way pumped to hear one of my favorite authors, Jen Hatmaker, speak. I loved being challenged spiritually. I am still processing what all I got out of the retreat, but I love the way it pushed my heart. 

 7. FAIR
The big boys had their country fair at school. We had a fun time, but I got NO pictures :( They would never sit still long enough. Bryce loved the strongman game and Brody loved fishing for ducks. He actually got IN the duck pool. Of course. Bryce won the teacher experience and gets to do something fun with his teacher after school tomorrow. 

Bryce is a very relational child. Quality time is his love language for sure. Friday night I took him on a "date night" to spend some special time with him. We had pizza and root beer floats at BJ's and then went downtown to the Magik Theater. We saw a cute show and had a great time. I cannot believe he is 7 years old. I know there will come a time when he may not want to hang out with me on a Friday night...so I am grateful to take advantage of that now. 

We are busy planning our very FIRST grown up, all by ourselves, no kids, no friends, super romantic VACATION! We leave for New York in just TWO weeks. My dear friend Laura has been busy giving me tips on what we cant miss! I am now realizing that it is going to be COLD...HELLO! So I need to start planning what I am going to bring to wear. Because...today I wore shorts. 

And last but certainly not least...please pray for the man behind all this fun. Please pray for a renewed sense of peace regarding prognosis and symptoms. Please pray for rest and less flare ups. Pray for energy and pain free days. Please pray that the bad days will take a back seat to the good days. 
Just never stop praying for my handsome husband. 

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