Tuesday, April 16, 2013


The definition of a curveball is: a type of pitch in baseball thrown with a characteristic grip and hand movement that imparts forward spin to the ball causing it to dive in a downward path as it approaches the plate. 

So, the ball is thrown with a special hand movement that is calculated and intentional which causes a last minute change of course. This change of course messes up the batter's plan. He was probably planning on running to first base...and instead he is headed back to the dugout. 
Justin and I have been thrown a curveball or two in our little lives together. And we were thrown another on Friday. Justin had some testing done last week due to the extreme amounts of pain he continues to have in his legs and hips. The tests showed that Justin now has avascular necrosis (which means bone death). His hips and left femur have been fully effected and he now must be in a wheelchair full time. There is no cure for the already damaged bones, but there are some possible solutions in stopping this quickly spreading disease. He will be seen by an orthopedic surgeon soon to determine what all his options will be. For now, we know that he should plan to be in a wheelchair for a very long time. This changes all 5 of our lives in many ways. Justin will be home full time for awhile and we are just taking it day by day. We were put in a position to quickly make a move regarding our home situation and we are overwhelmingly blessed to announce that we are officially Boerne folks now! We have some things working on our current home, but we are leaving that to the Lord. He knows what we need and where we need to be and what kind of home we need to be in to accommodate Justin's new accessory. 
We are still the same ol Macs. We are disheartened, but not defeated. We will not allow a curveball to send us back to the dugout. God has other plans for us, and they are not going to take place in a dugout. 
Justin's heart surgery is postponed until we get more information on this new and very pressing matter. We are grateful to each of you for your support and encouragement in the crazy weeks ahead! THIS is the day the LORD has made, let us REJOICE and be glad in it - Psalms 118:24

(ps: i dont even really like baseball all that much)

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