Tuesday, April 23, 2013

i like church

Being a "Christian" is becoming a harder thing to do these days....and it isn't because of Jesus. There are so many (well intentioned) people who are criticizing  the church and its believers and its a turn off. It is exhausting. Now don't get me wrong, I love a good radical thinker. I love to step outside the box and out of the comfort zone and on the front lines...but I also know that doing these things does not get me a special seat in Heaven. I do not believe that I am favored for my works or my extra time in the Word or my knowledge of the hip Biblical jargon. Jesus loves me JUST the same as he loves the drunken homeless man on the corner. Just as much. Not even one bit more. He knows how many hairs are on BOTH of our heads. It hurts my heart to see how being judgmental is glorified by so many Christians. Calling out others sins, giving satan credit where credit is not due, blaming the church, making the gospel into something more complicated than it is. 

Jesus BLED for our sins. He paid the debt. IT IS DONE. We are no longer bound to this sins of our generations behind us. We are forgiven. That is the point of the cross people. We can't let being radical outweigh love and acceptance. The church is good. The church doesn't always get it right, but the church is good. I am sure many of you have heard the church is a "hospital for sinners"...I like that. I like going to a place to worship corporately and sit among people who also can't help but sin all the dang time. Not sinning is HARD. That is why only Jesus could do it. Only Jesus. 
Sometimes the truth hurts. Sometimes we need a gut check. But sometimes, we just need love. I feel like the most important role we can take on as Christians is by sharing the gospel. Sharing the LOVE of the cross. How MUCH HE loved us to give His son. How MUCH HE loved us to shed all that blood. We can't all love Jesus the exact same way. We can't pass judgment on those who don't love the same way as we do. It's just not ok. 
I want to be challenged, but not insulted. I want to be encouraged, but not coddled. I want to never forget that Jesus loves me just as he loves YOU. 

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