Thursday, January 1, 2015


Top 20 of 2014

This year has been crazy. I haven't blogged much at all. Justin said this year has been the worst...and because I love a good challenge, I went ahead and chose to prove him wrong.

Here is my top 20 of particular order, because I had to scroll through instagram to remember what even happened this year. I got lazy on some of the pictures...but Justin admitted this year wasn't so bad = Winner.

1. VAULT - It has been so fun to sit back and watch God put this ministry together. Plus getting to know baby Jules and all the other sweet kids that have been placed in this community.

2. Disciple Now - Having the senior boys here was a blast. I couldn't tell you who had more fun...Justin or Brody, Bryce and Brax.

3. FaceTime with Josiah - The Fickeys got to visit Josiah in the Congo and they called us! It was a flat out gift to see that baby boy with his mama and papa!

4. Brody graduated preschool - he was such a ham on the stage.

5. Brody also started kinder which has been pretty wonderful. And Bryce in 3rd grade...ugh get out!

6. Still Water - I was blessed to be a part of this organization! A successful fundraising dinner, super saturday, creating champ camp, two weeks of camp and wow...lots of great memories and very special friendships made!

7. The Quit Trippin Fool shirts - no explanation needed!

8. I got to go to New York with my bff for my 30th birthday!

9. Bryce was awarded the Principals Award for PE!

10. TRUDY!

11. I witnessed a miracle.

12. Beach Trip with the Harpers

13. Our last Christmas Program at FBC - this is so bittersweet.

14. Clays for Cara - honoring a dear friend and once again seeing our community rally for us.

15. Camp Eagle

16. Going fake sky diving for Katie's 35th!

17. Another trip to New York for Hillsong! - this one was a bit bittersweet too, but New York is good no matter what!

18. Spending Christmas at my Dads house!

19. This.

20. Justin. One more day with Justin.

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