Thursday, January 1, 2015

the mac movie

I have known Justin for about 11 years. Lots has happened in that time. Four houses. Three kids. Two dogs. And one VERY great love.
While Justin was having a smidge of a health scare recently, a great friend distracted me with looking up my celebrity look alike. I will not even dare share the nonsense that this dumb website generated...but it got me thinking about the fun anecdote of our life story as a movie.
If you have never sat down and thought about what celebrities would play each of your family members in a lifetime movie...then do it now. It will make you smile :) Anyways, I kind of always considered our story as more of a tragic love story. There is this great love, but something was always in the way. A baby before marriage. A stomach bug on our wedding day. A dying grandma. A special needs son. A terminal diagnosis. A lot of loneliness.
Then, I took that story and really meditated on it. None of those things are what I think of when I look at the past 11 years. What I really think of is the moment I saw Justin for the first time... I got weak in the knees. The smile on Justin's face when he met Bryce for the first time...the way he looked at me that day. Laughter. So much laughter. Adventure. Companionship. Real, true and very deep commitment.
In the beginning we were pretty focused on us. I had been in a hard relationship and I just wanted to be happy. My focus was ME and MY happiness. Justin saw for the first time his true potential and knew HIS future would be bright. The we blinked and WE were pregnant with our second son, church hopping, moving to Boerne from Houston for a fresh start. WE really thought we knew what we were doing. Then before Brody was born, God whispered something to me and everything changed. The climax.
I, ME, WE, US, MINE...all changed to HIS. 
The plot changed so significantly in that moment. Because, the happy ending was Jesus. The story wasn't over, but no matter what...the happy ending was Jesus. The diagnosis came. The days got harder and longer. The carefree days of the beginning screeched to a halt.
There is no end date to our story. Justin could pass away tomorrow...or he could outlive us all. Either way, the Macs don't end with that. Justin's sickness, his prognosis, his pain...that is our reality, but it is not our LIFE. Our life is laughter, companionship, hope, little boys, sarcasm, frustration, pajama days, hand holding and Jesus.
We arent a tragic love story. We are a dark comedy...which just so happens to be my fave.

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