Monday, April 6, 2009


Just a quick note to ask for continued prayers. It is such a blessing to have such sweet and loving friends parying for my family and thinking about us. This past 7 months has been full of challenge after challenge and I ask you to please pray for my strength. My heart is full of great happiness and great sadness, which is a beautiful feeling. I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to have loved someone so dearly and even though the pain is unexplainable, I am still so thankful for it. Dealing with death is something I have never had to experience and its a daily battle. It has now been a month and I still miss her like I just lost her yesterday. We talk about her often, we praise her, we laugh about her and we tell stories about her. I am doing so much better with dealing with the anger I had towards the family members who caused her hurt and pain at the end. I have never been a big fan of people lying to themselves (and I know I have talked about this before) and that is what still hurts. You have to accept the damage that you caused before you move on, you cannot just try to hurt others to make yourself feel better. Our Lord gave us the ability to forgive and be forgiven...but acceptance must come first. God gave me the most amazing path to follow and I am so eager to see what is to come. I know that there will be more hardships along the way, but His plan has a purpose and that is that.