Monday, April 6, 2009

Soccer Time!

Yep, I am officially a soccer mom! Bryce is really enjoying soccer so much! We play with the YMCA and have a super adorable coach and fun little team mates. The first practice the temp. was somewhere in the ranch of negative 0 and we froze our faces off...but again, Bryce had fun and that is all that matters. I do not think Brody appreciated it so much...BUT he did have a blast at the second practice watching his brother run amuck! Bryce really does great...he has learned how to dribble, pass and shoot and of course play red light green light (which is ever important to your soccer skills!). My dad got to go with us this past practice which was awesome and I think he was super impressed at how attentive Bryce can be when he wants to :) I have some videos to upload, but its too early in the morning to try and figure that out so for now pics will just have to do.