Monday, January 4, 2010


sorry my posts have not been very "meaty" lately. i have been pretty busy running around after these action packed boys! it is around 4:30pm right now and i am almost positive i have not sat down today. i love it though...i feel great...refreshed...excited...and completely filled (and fulfilled) with purpose. between braxton's feedings and poops, i have pushed brody around the house in his new tricycle three hundred and ninety seven times, i have pulled him out of the bathroom where he had stuffed a roll of toilet paper down the toilet (again), i made paper caterpillers with bryce, forced everyone to eat leftovers, done 3 loads of laundry and put "most" of it away, posted two things to sell on ebay, confirmed justins vasectomy for thursday, ordered band aids for a mops project, ordered birth announcements, vacuumed the kitchen...and then vacuumed it again after the boys ate lunch, read grovers bad awful day twice, found braxtons belly button thing that fell off before brody found it and tried to eat it or something, made a tent in bryces bunk bed and many other mommy/wife type things. a few things i have NOT done today is brush my hair ( i did put it up in a cute clip though), eat lunch, make bryce put on real clothes (he is still in his boxers) or check the mail (its been awhile). Life is full of adventures right now...everyday is something new. It is definitely not the same ol thing day after day. We have been getting out of the house often, I have been a breastfeeding champion, 90% of the time I get out of my pajamas and put make up on (which brax is only like 12 days old so thats pretty darn good!), but best of all we have just been having so much fun. School starts back up tomorrow so we will be on more of a normal routine...but I have to say these last few weeks of free time have been just amazing. I am so thankful and blessed for my gifts. I am so proud my mom taught me how to be a good mommy before she moved to heaven... I feel undeserving of what all I have been given.

One extra exciting thing that happened this week is Brody moved to a "big boy chair" at the kitchen table. He got a booster seat the other day and is now enjoying eating off of a plate with the rest of the crew :)

By the way...those are not teeth in the picture...its cheese lol!
He is so proud and excited!

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