Wednesday, January 13, 2010

mommy of three

so far so good. i am surviving. i have not mastered this...i am not all organized...i dont have all the logistics figured out...but i am definitely surviving.
current challenges
1. drop off and pick up at preschool...carrying the baby carrier AND brody and his preschool bag while trekking across the FBC campus is tough. the stroller is just as big of a pain so lugging them seems to work better right now. this is tricky. my arm muscles should look great soon.
2. teaching brody that kissing does not involve hurts braxtons head
3. getting in and out in the rain. this is NOT good for us.
4. sleep of course
5. managing the calendar. life did not stop because i had a baby and i am just getting back into the swing of things.
these are all so minor. we are blessed that these are the only "problems" i can come up with. the boys are all really adjusting well. we are having so much fun figuring out this new part of our lives. braxton is really rounding out the family and we feel so preciously complete.
speaking of complete...justin has had his vasectomy. it was not his favorite moment of his life. he is now fully recovered...but the first few days were not so friendly. he is glad he did it, but says he would not be having any other procedures related to that area :)
the apples of gold bible study has begun. we made it out the door on time...we got there in one piece and even in the rain we all survived. i even had makeup and "real" jeans on (this means i have graduated from maternity pants). this 6 week study i have joined is a nurturing program for women...we will cover marriage and parenting as well as weekly cooking sessions. this is going to be such a great study for me...i have really missed my mom and this is a place where i can connect with older moms who can guide me and love on me. none of them can replace my mom of course, but it will be so nice to have some experienced moms mentor me. this past few weeks i have struggled just a little with the loss of my mom...i just really want to show her this sweet new baby that i made. i want her to love on him and kiss and cheeks and i want her to hug me and tell me how happy she is for me. i really really just want to hear her voice. her approval was very important to me...and its weird living life without her commentation.
ok i have some pics to upload, but i am going to "sleep" instead of doing that...i promise to post later!

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