Wednesday, March 10, 2010

good news and not as good news

The good news is that Bryce's surgery today was a success. He had tubes put in this morning at 11:30 and was home watching cartoons in my bed by 2pm. The doctor said that there was tons and tons of crud in his ears and that we should notice an IMMEDIATE change in his hearing and even with his speech. He had mucus built up behind his ear drums and fluid on the outer portions of his ear drums as well. Before he left this morning we all prayed together...he wanted to pray for himself and this is what he said "Dear Jesus, Please come to my surgery. Amen" Am I maybe the most blessed mommy in the world? I think its possible.

The not as good news is that Brody had a visit with the gastroenterologist to discuss his continuing reflux issues today...The doctor has decided that he wants to do an endoscopy on him ASAP to determine if there are any issues with his surgery site. Brody will have to be put under for the scope. Not my favorite thing. Bryce did great at that today...and Brody has been under before with no issues....but its just no fun when your little men have to deal with anesthesia. I ask for prayers over Brody in the next week or so in healing whatever is going on in there. I pray that his surgery does not have to be corrected or redone. I will call to schedule the scope updates on that to come.
This has been a very, very expensive past few years for us medically. It seems like at the rate we are going...we may as well wake up January 1st and fork over $20,000 (that is what we pay each year with premiums and deductibles). That does not even include prescriptions and office co pays! Thank goodness God handles our finances! Health Insurance is something that I will never fully understand. Health Insurance is something that I want to punch in the face.

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