Tuesday, March 30, 2010

buckle your seat belts...

and get ready for a BUNCH of pictures. Quite possibly the cutest pictures you have ever ever seen.

Daddy and Brody at the zoo
getting a better view of the giraffe!
big brothers riding the rhino
bryce really loves to pose
so stinkin handsome
taking my bog boys for a ride at the farm!

mommy and toder
i love this baby!
bryce could not believe that moms know how to drive a 4 wheeler...
riding around in the model A
bryce (posing again) with his great papa in the model A
going on a sunday drive...
he wanted me OUT OF HIS WAY!
baby braxton is my love
look at that DIMPLE!

this sweet little baby is 14 weeks old. he is rolling from his tummy to back, he is sitting up so well in the bumbo chair, he coos and sings to me and smiles at everyone. he sleeps from about 8pm to 7am and eats like a champ. he is perfect and precious and so insanely easy.
i love his guts!!
bluebonnets at the farm house!

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