Tuesday, March 2, 2010

things that make me feel better

1. justin
2. bryce telling me that mama me lives in his heart
2. brodys big sloppy sappy delicious kisses
3. braxton smiles
4. my new lap top
5. seeing my moms beautiful urn everyday
6. friends that eat junk food with me, let me have extended playdates at their house and generally just enjoy the crazy that i am
7. preschool (several things here....every single staff member there, the prayers they devote to us, the crazy love for all of us, the precious super awesome teachers my boys have etc.!!)
8. chili from chilis with my besties
9. mon and wed night abs and legs class with april
10. texting heidi (and our new forming book club)
11. trashy reality tv
12. prayer...and really really truly understanding its power
13. healthy kids
14. klove
15. the way God uses me
16. knowing kelly will be back in 2 days
17. the baby bouncer
18. friends with babies
19. Gods plan...eventhough it never makes sense right away
20. the fact that pool weather is slowly approaching
21. trampoline time with the big boys
22. justins 4.0
23. wheat free waffles
24. union 28
25. empty laundry baskets
26. panera bread
27. laying in bed with 4 really really cute guys
28. brodys feet
29. my dad working in texas
30. bryces precious interpretation of my moms death...and how he remembers such adorable things about her
31. crawfish
32. margaritas
33. new hobbies
34. date night
35. FBC Boerne

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