Sunday, May 23, 2010

birthday fun times one hundred

my birthday was amazing. i spent saturday through thursday on our FIRST EVER MCELHANNON FAMILY OF FIVE VACATION! my awesome friend was so gracious enough to let us use her beach house...and we had such a phenomenal time. we spent hours and hours at the beach, playing in the sand and watching bryce boogie board. we sat and watched the ships come in, visited the aquarium, rode the ferry, watched for dolphins, built sandcastles, shopped the beachy stores, fished and did a lot of laughing! we came home and immediately headed out to a family wedding (LOTS of pics and more info on this in a couple of days). i have done lots of celebrating with friends...including a girls night slumber party. i have received so many super awesome cards and presents...i am one blessed lady. 26 is such a boring sounding age though. i have to admit...25 was way cooler haha!
here a gazillion beach pics:

braxton lee's first beach trip!
boogie boarding champ!

big boys doing their push they could be studs at the beach lol

cutest baby EVER!
man i love these guys so much...
at the aquarium...and YES they are all matching. love it.
brody could not make up his mind if he loved or hated it

his 2 hour beach side snooze
of course bryce made a friend...
brody showing off his cute little tummy

Can you believe that our Lord created this amazing beach for us to enjoy?! We are so underserving of his beautiful gifts!!

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