Sunday, May 2, 2010

gifts part 1

God's gifts come in so many different forms. They come at times when you least expect. His gifts can be mighty, discreet and mostly undeserved. After a powerful amount of time with some beautiful and Godly women...I am (not so subtly) asked by God to count my blessings, admire them, learn from them, seek more of what He wants me to have, LISTEN for HIS WORD...which is by far THE greatest gift of all. One of the gifts I would like to thank Him for today is the gift of our Pop Pop. His relationship with Bryce is so pure and beautiful and of course manly too :) Here are some pictures of Bryce and Pop Pop fishing. What a special time for these children of God. Enjoying the blissful world that He designed so perfectly for us to enjoy the precious moments of catching your first fish.

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