Monday, May 31, 2010

very good/very bad weekend

very good:

1. took the boys to seaworld friday morning. it was HOT...but we had a great time. it was not crowded and we took advantage of the air conditioned aquarium for as long as we could. our passes are up in july so i am getting my dads moneys worth :)
2. friday evening we went to movie in the park in boerne. we had so much fun! packed a $5 pizza picnic and our super cool 31 gifts picnic blanket (thank you cathy smith!) and let the boys run wild! we watched cloudy with a chance of meatballs while brody scavenged other peoples picnic blankets for their leftovers.
3. conners bday party was on saturday. again super hot...but super fun! a bouncy house, a pool, a train, yummy food and best of all...all of kathys family to fight over the babies!
4. went to georgetown sunday to visit justins sweet grandparents! the boys had a great time and we were blessed to spend time with family...

very bad:
while at the grandparents, brody pulled the very heavy glass and brass fireplace screen down on his head. after a very scary and traumatic 911 call, an ambulance ride, 5 hour ER visit at Dell Childrens in Austin and TWENTY ONE STITCHES later...Brody is doing great. Bryce was terrified for his sweet baby brother...the 12 EMS and and 4 police officers that came in the house added to brody hysterical, mommy and daddy hysterical, blood EVERYWHERE and frantic great grandparents really had him in a frenzy. Thankfully, God answered our panicked prayers and sent a fire fighter over to Bryce who calmed him down by letting him "drive the fire truck" and turn on the sirens only enough times to make every neighbor come out of the house :) The Boerne pray train was in full swing with just a few texts. I know from experience when Linda Phillips says better get on I texted her first. We felt it all so quickly...Brody calmed down the minute the prayers started rolling in. Justin and I prayed for the Doctor and God sent us the most precious and kind Doctor to love on Brody and stitch him up. The hospital was AMAZING! Dell Children's Child Life department sent someone in to hold up a DVD player so Brody could watch Elmo the entire time the procedure was taking place. At first the doctor was concerned with possible internal bleeding, so a ct scan was ordered. However...that God of ours was on point and quickly cleared any question of that. CT scan was cancelled after the stitches were in. I could not have made it through all of this without the texts, calls and messages I received. Our family was lifted up by so many people and we are just so stinkin blessed I dont even have the words for it. Brody is such a strong guy...I would like you all to know that after all of that (and the fact that Court had to pick us up at 11pm from the ER and truck us to Georgetown) we made the almost two hour drive home (got home around 2am) that Brody is JUMPING on the furniture, LAUGHING like a silly monkey head as he rips apart a magazine and still wearing his purple hospital gown with pride. I am exhausted...but of course he is not :)
PS: I know Justin sent out before/after pictures to some people. As much as I would love to post the pics on here so people can see just what exactly they were praying for...I am afraid that some of my readers would not physically be able to look. It was pretty bad. So if you want to see what it looks like when a baby smashes his head to the extent of needed 21 stitches...let me know and I will send it over.

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