Monday, June 21, 2010

several things

part 1
Father's Day was spectacular. I did not get to see my super awesomely cool one of a kind cowboy pop pop of a Daddy :( But we did get to talk to him and have plans of hanging with him ASAP when he gets back from his special fishing trip (to Alaska!!).
We DID however love on our very own in house daddy-o all day! 7 years ago I would have never thought that this super cute boy I met at the pool would later become this super cute husband and daddy. He gave me the three most precious things in the galaxy and I am so thankful for him. He works his tail off in work and school....all for us. We love you Justin!

part 2
6 months ago today I was pacing around my living room...up to my eyeballs in contractions. I had been dilated to 5 for days and it was time for this baby to come OUT...I just knew it. We called our friend Chris to come keep an eye on the kids (they were already asleep) and we headed to the hospital. The minute I got there (around midnight) they said lets get this gal a-going! Kelly showed up around 3am (seriously...she must really like me) and then Dena came around 10 after she had already been to my house to relieve Chris and wait for my Dad to get there. After about what seems like 100 hours of the today show (you thought i was going to say contractions or labor lol...thank you jesus for the epidural) my precious hubby and two of my best pals watched braxton lee come into this world! What a guy.
Today he is one day short of 6 months old. He is a chub. A BIG CHUB. I love it...I have never really had a fat baby. He smiles constantly, is starting to crawl, got his first TOOTH, loves bath time, has the most hilarious and contagious belly laugh, loves the jumpy horse, wants to stand up, is super duper ticklish, HATES having his nose cleaned and is just about the most delicious thing I can think of at this moment. I love him so much and it breaks my heart that he is growing so fast.

part 3
things i like a lot right now
1. groupon/livingsocial
2. getting to watch toy story (the original one) everyday with bryce
3. cutest oilcloth and minkee on the block
4. the new wee world resale store
5. decorating my new classroom!
6. watching brody WALK
7. union28
8. dancing to stan wayne with my handsome handsome hubby at the grill on saturday nights
9. target diapers
10. the pool at lifetime...our new daily savior!

part 4

my sweet boys watching toy story. please notice that brody has stolen braxton's bumbo seat (which he is obviously too big for)
my man braxton lee laughing
sweet babies playing together

my adorable 6 month old little man brax

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