Sunday, June 27, 2010

things and more things

we were so blessed to be able to spend the day on friday at my aunt and uncles river house. that is without a doubt our family's fave spot! the simmons crew came with us and we just absolutely had a blast.

some new things that are a happenin'
1. braxton is crawling.
2. i have not eaten carbs in two weeks and have lost 10 lbs.
3. brody has learned some AMAZING dance moves.
4. we FINALLY were able to rent toy story 2 and now have it on repeat.
5. sugar free jello is my new favorite thing (see #2)
6. my dad is on a fishing trip in cool is that?
7. i am sewing some super cute table runners for a baby shower i am throwing. (pics of that soon)
8. justin is trying to talk me into a minivan. seriously. its the coziest car in the world and so so so so so so convenient with the doors that open on their own...more cargo space than my yukon..but its a minivan. he is still working on me and let me just say that he is a FABULOUS salesman!
here is a pic from the ever talented mustard seed photography...

we also had the very exciting pleasure of taking bryce to the missions game this week. our super cool friend randy was in a serious race with a taco....excuse me...i mean a puffy taco.
here are some pics...

bryce and his buddy ben wearing the super awesome shirts i made them to support randy
randy racing the taco...except sadly you can't see the taco in my crummy pic
cutie ben holding a sign up for his daddy!

ben and abby sportin' their shirts

and one last little tid bit...they boys had a little slumber party last night with the simmons boys!! there was a karate chop party, a wrestle mania match, a front flip contest, a makeshift pirate ship out of bryce's bunk beds and lots of junk food. pics from that event...

front flip contest
either leap frog or wrestle mania...can't remember


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