Wednesday, June 16, 2010

summer lovin

things i am loving about summertime...

1. swimming in the pool
2. grilling out
3. less obligations
4. backyard time with the kids
5. more daylight when justin gets home (well sometimes)
6. water vacations (beach, river, lake)
7. fun memories of my mom
8. flying l playdates
9. popsicles
10. little white bootys...and cute little tan bodies running around
11. slip and sliding
12. horseshoe tournaments with bryce
13. free summer movies
14. a big giant tea
15. remembering how i fell head over heels with the love of my life during summer time 7 years ago...thinking about it makes me fall right back in love with all over again

here are a few pics of one of our most recent summer adventures...

two cuties
my sweet baby that is getting so big :(
silly bryce
my little river rat brody...bandages on the head and ready to raft!

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