Thursday, June 10, 2010


things are just a trucking along around here....

- brody got his stitches out this past monday. he was very brave and looks just as cute as a button. he was up ready to party the very next morning after it happened and has not slowed down since!
- braxton started sitting up on his own last week and is now getting up on his knees...he thinks he is going to start crawling. however, i am about to tape him to the floor because i am not ready for that! he is loving his baby food and is seriously the chubbiest and smiliest little guy there ever was.
- bryce and i had a date on wednesday. he took me to the movies to see shrek (he paid AND opened the door for me AND let me pick out my own candy). it was so fun to just spend some time with him all alone. plus it gave me a chance to teach him how to be a gentleman when he takes out a lady :)
- i had a great planning retreat for boerne mops leadership, followed by a fun and relaxing weekend at the river with the bourgeois family
i noticed recently that you cannot even read our has been packed for months. i am ready to stop and smell the roses. dont get me wrong...being busy is my "thing" its what i do best. BUT we need to take the next couple of weeks and slow it down a notch. my kids are growing up before my eyes. i had this moment today...and i just wanted to press the pause button on it. braxty was giggling and bryce was talk talk talking and here comes brody around the corner with the biggest smile on his face ready to play peek a boo with a sock. its so fun living at my house....chaotic...but beautifully fun.

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