Sunday, August 22, 2010

Braxton Lee

My precious baby is 8 months old today (insert sobs). It seems like just yesterday that Justin and I were shocked with the news that we would be having a third baby! I wish he would stop growing...but for now I will atleast brag a little about what he is up to.

1. eating things like tortillas, muffins, ritz crackers (his FAVE), apple slices, grilled chicken and whatever else he can reach from his new big boy seat at the table.
2. pulling up on all the furniture (and my leg)
3. babbling and singing to himself
4. LOVING his family. His eyes just LIGHT UP when any of us come into the room. He is even starting like his crazy big brother brody lol! They are really starting to play together so sweetly!
5. Has 3 1/2 teeth. I know I cant have half of a tooth. BUT its just barely peaking through so for now he has 3 1/2 teeth because 4 teeth makes him sound too old.

He is still the happiest and cuddliest and chubbiest baby in town. He is SOOOO good and loving. I cannot imagine not having that little chunkster around.

how can you not want to eat him???
enjoying his crackers
boo hoo...he is playing with "big boy" toys :(
we had a little nap together...this is what i got to wake up to. YUM!

his first tortilla!!
showing off :)

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