Monday, August 23, 2010

prayers and pictures

Please pray for:
1. My friend Mindy's complete healing
2. My friend Christy and her hubby Mike as they deal with sweet baby Hannah in the NICU
3. Conner, Andrew, Sam, Logan, Maysen and all the other sweet first time kindergartners on their 2nd day of school tomorrow!
4. The FBC preschool staff as we begin working tomorrow
5. Good health for all as the school year begins...
6. One of best friends Daddy

Now onto the pictures...

Boys Night Out! Justin took the boys to "dinner" and a movie!
he would kill me for this...but its just too cute not to share!
date at the duck park!
bryce, kenzie and jessica feeding the ducks!
playing with the new phone!
silly boys!

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