Thursday, August 26, 2010

the good stuff

my life right now includes loving on my babies and husband and this:
decorating my preschool classroom
preparing for the kiddos
sewing a nap mat
making a curtain
making picnic baskets for brody's birthday party
making the mops brochure
starting the mops newsletter
making the mops everything else that has to be printed lol
getting the boys ready for their first day back at preschool next week
writing my letter for meet the teacher
getting ready for the buddy walk
reading ch. 12 for our sunday school class
working out 5 days a week
sewing a thank you nap mat
praying fervently
pre planning for bryces bday
reading a great book by rick johnson
getting ready to be a bridesmaid
squeezing in as many fun playdates as possible
and that is just this week.

sleep is overrated. i love my life. blessed for these amazing opportunities! sitting around and watching things happen is just not my thing :) life is way too short to be boring! i am thankful for every single moment. thankful that my kids LOVE to fly by the seat of their pants like mama (except during nap time).

things should slow down next week. so maybe a real post then...

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