Thursday, October 7, 2010


Fall is in full swing! Our house smells like cinnamon, we have the harvest cookie cutters out and the pumpkin patch is calling our names! We have been busy busy busy bees (whats new). We have been having the most insanely beautiful weather which makes me want to just take the roof of our house. We have had some amazing playdates at the park, lots of dinners with friends on the patio, a perfect zoo trip and lots of "nature" walks. We successfully made it through our own birthday crazy month of september and now we are in the midst of everyone else's birthday crazy time. We have a birthday party every weekend for the rest of the month. We are making preparations for Chris and Brittany's Wedding (which we are both in!) which includes showers and bach parties and all those exciting things! The calendar is full and the next few weeks (actually its pretty much filled for the next ever and I LOVE it) are filled with more and more and more fun with friends.

In the middle of all that our family is going through our own season change. It is such an awesome time for us and I can't wait to continue to share this awesome growth. We are in the beginning of the most incredible Bible Study (as a couple) and have been enjoying our new Sunday School class so much! I have remained obedient to our precious Father and it is really paying off. It is so incredible how things go when you let God do things in His timing. I am so very yucky bad at waiting on Him to handle it...I am getting better at it...things are rockin'...and I am giving Him ALL the GLORY!!
Please begin praying for Justin and I as we begin the planning process for our trip to Peru. We will be going with a few other couples in the spring and we need YOUR prayers. God laid this trip heavily on Justin's heart and I am so excited to see what His plan is for us!
It may not seem like it, but I have really slowed down. I have learned that right now is my season to be fed God's word. I am serving a little less in certain areas, trying my super very bestest to say NO more and definitely squeezing in as many pajama times as possible with my babies. They are all just growing way too fast and I can hardly stand it.
And now some pictures of the Buddy Walk!! LOVE my precious BUDDY!

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