Tuesday, February 15, 2011

happy valentines and a lot more

So hold on to your hiney and get ready for some information overload...

1. Braxton has RSV. Its bad news bears. Many of you remember Brody's experience with that. Bad.
2. Brody is funky. Just not himself today.
3. Bryce cannot hear...again :( He will be getting his THIRD set of tubes, tonsils out and adnoids out (AGAIN because they grew back...gross) on March 17th.
4. Bryce is getting BAPTIZED! He was Christened as an infant and now he is ready for the real deal. His love for the Lord is through the rooftop and he has been asking for quite some time. He is so precious and we are so so proud!
5. Valentines Day was lovely! I had 4 of the cutest Valentines I could find! Each of the boys had a special Valentine that they gave a special treat too. We ate s'mores for dinner, painted picture frames and made pink owls out of craft foam and felt. The daddy helped them spoil me a little too :)
6. Bryce got to go to the rodeo for the first time! Pics of that to come soon...but all i can say is...he had the time of his LIFE!
7. Justin made the Dean's List.
8. My throat hurts.
9. My Dad is gearing up to ride in the Saltgrass Trail Ride. So...if Bryce has ever told you that his Pop Pop is a cowboy...well its kinda the truth! Our very own Desperado will start in Cat Springs and head in to Houston...we are hoping to be all better ASAP so we can head to town and watch him ride!
10. I hands down have the BEST friends in the world. BEST.EVER. I am continuously blown away at how giving and kind my friends are. They are continuously the hands and feet of Jesus. Kind words, a helping hand, prayers, encouragement...I am crazy blessed.

thats about enough for now...i am going to post some pretty hilarious/sad pictures of my sickies later. so be on the lookout for that :)

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