Friday, February 4, 2011

a snow day at the mac shack

I love at home days. I love out and about days too....but there is just something special about a SNOW DAY! "snowed" Yes...Texas is like shut down (well not Toyota of course) Yes...we are STILL in our pajamas! Amen to fleece!!!

this was our first pic of the day! poor lucy girl had to potty in the snow!
Bryce's first snowman!! His name is Mr. Pickles. Please be aware that his jets helmet is on his head and those fruit loops are EYES. He was going to have a raisin mouth...but Brody ate them. Poor Mr. Pickles is now long gone. He did last a few hours though!
Big Brother Bryce threw some snow balls at the window! Brody was really confused...
So we bundled him up and let him check it out for himself!
He scooped snow with my wooden spoon. Brax watched from the window because he didnt want to put shoes on :)
SNOW!! Please notice that we could only find ONE of his on the other hand is..a sock!
three angels watching sesame street in warm jammies

when the babies went down for a nap bryce and i made this! he said he would like his pop pop to live here. pop pop better go on a diet!! bryce can hardly wait for his pop pop to get home from work today and check his email for pics of mr. pickles!
then...we were still we built a tower. we had to redo it like 10 times before we could get it to survive long enough for a picture! so in closing...i heart this snow day!!!

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