Friday, February 4, 2011


Sweet Brody Todey had his very first field trip this week! He got to go with his adorable classmates to Boerne Gymnastics! He had SO much fun playing with his friends and running around through the obstacle course over and over. His cute daddy even got to come see him play for a few minutes! He got to have a pizza party after and then went back to school for a nap with his most favorite teacher in the WORLD!

Brody loves preschool SO much. Each day we realize more and more how our prayers on "where to put Brody" are answered. "Mainstreaming" him is what we are going to continue to do...for now! His development is really amazing. He had his BIG evaluation last week and...drum roll...he is currently 28 months and he evaluates at 23 months. I dont know about you...but I think that is pretty crazy awesome. Praise God. I am so thankful for our insanely wonderful therapists. His Occupational Therapist and Speech Therapist are part of our family now. They encourage us in so many ways...and they love our little boy to pieces.
Some of you may know that we have struggled on where Brody will go next year. The public school systems are available to take over his therapy when he turns 3. Basically that means...when Brody turns 3 (which is the beginning of next school year, when bryce goes to kinder) he would start going to school 5 days a week for half days. We have prayed and prayed and thought and thought about this....conclusion is Brody will not be participating in PPCD (that is the name of the program) at this time. There are so many factors that were involved in that decision. We specifically prayed that God would speak clearly on this decision to us....we prayed that in His timing we would hear His answer. And I really am confident that we did. Thank you to all of those who encouraged us during that decision making time! So at this time...Brody will continue at FBC preschool! Who knows what God has in store for our little muffin later on. But for now...its FBC and private therapy. The BEST news is that he gets to stay with the most FABULOUS teacher in the universe next year. Hip Hip Hooray for Mrs. Kathy (or me Brody says!). Everyday I get on my knees and give a shout out to God for giving us the most perfect and precious little boy he EVER made. (you can argue with me on that...but you just wont win ;)...)
I am praying that we can figure out a way to get Brody into gym class. It is so good for his development and muscle tone! Just not sure what I would do with his cute brothers during his class. We will see :)
Here are some pics...

he did this about 97 times.
he was determined to get over this!!
i dont know why...but this makes me think of him as an old man lol
sorry the pics are a little crummy...they are all from my phone!

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