Monday, December 12, 2011

quick port post

These past five days have been incredibly long. Thursday and Friday Justin had his IVIG treatments. Saturday morning he woke up very sick. Terrible headache, yucky stomach stuff, fever, chills, cold sweats, pain all over, pale and weird looking etc. It was a long day of NO eating and trying to force water down his throat. Sunday was equally as yucky and he had some other dumb symptoms. He was extremely stubborn and even though his Dr. told me to take him to the ER....he refused. Bryce was bummed that Daddy was in bed all weekend and even extra bummed that Daddy couldnt come to Jingle Jam. (although if you saw bryce at jingle jam you may not believe that he was a little sad lol)
And now today he had quite the adventure. He had a bone density test and then had a stinky port put in. The surgery was only supposed to last about 45 minutes, BUT he had some anesthesia issues and it took about 3 hours. So 6 hours in the outpatient center and 13 stiches later...we are home. Justin is recovering in our cozy bed & he said it hurts pretty badly.
The purpose of this port is that his little veins are just not holding up anymore. The nurses need better access for his infusions it will be easier for him since he has to have blood drawn several times a week now. It is something that will stay in long term.
He really hates it a lot.
Tomorrow afternoon he will see the liver specialist. He is not really up for getting out of bed tomorrow, but he has had this appointment for several months and cannot miss it.
McElhannons are weary.

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