Friday, December 9, 2011


I feel like I have not been a good blogger lately. There has just been so much going on and nothing positive to report with Justin...and that is not my favorite.

Have you read Hebrews 11 recently? Maybe you should stop right now and check it out. Want to get refocused and get content with exactly where the Lord has you right now? Get to Hebrews 11. A little clarification for when you feel like God isnt hearing your prayers. A little insight for when you feel like things just are NOT going your way. Seriously. Read it. Its good.
Justin is on day two of his IVIG treatment right now. He hates it a bunch. However...he did NOT have to sit in the creepo methodist transfusion unit this time! He got the hook up with some of our dear friends and has a cozy little heated chair with a TV and the most precious nurse that apparently ever existed in the whole wide world.
Because he is going to have to do these infusions every month and because he has blood drawn twice a week and because he will likely be doing chemo again soon...he will have to have a port placed in on Monday. Not excited about that. What 29 year old man wants a hole in his body for his meds? Yuck. But....its what is best for him so we are doing it. He will have to be put under which he is at "risk for" so please be thinking of him.
His gastro dr. is hoping to get him started on the domperidone at the end of january and then he will hopefully see some GI results. If he does not see some immediate improvement, then they will go ahead and do the esophagus surgery.
He has had no appetite recently and only eats one meal a day. His diabetes really limits what he can have...but he is getting used to that.
He has not recognized any benefits from the ivig treatments yet. In fact, he feels worse now than he ever has. His sweet nurse told him yesterday to stay strong and give it four months. It was just the little encouragement he needed.
He has been able to sleep about 2 nights per week. Exhausted is an understatement.
And...the coo coo bird is about to finish up the semester with three A's. He is something else. A hero some might say. (well I would say that)
Next week he will see the liver specialist and hopefully get his bone density test done. That has been something that they needed to get for a while now...but where is the time? We are also awaiting results from his oncologist who is running some specific white blood cell tests.
It sure is getting tough to wake up each day and accept the circumstances. I am thankful that we have best friends to lean on and cute kids to play with and especially that good ol' Jesus Christ who will more than gladly lift the big fat burdens off our shoulders each morning.
We have our very first home on the market now in Houston. Please look at the link and pray over it and pass it along! I cannot believe how many precious people helped us get it ready....actually just totally took over and did it all. Just another reminder of God's grace and always perfect timing.
PS: its priced to SELL!

Sweet baby Braxton is famous...check out his cuteness here with our friend Jerry in the San Antonio Express news!

I cannot wait to post pictures of Braxtons birthday party and all the fun Christmas festivities we have been look forward to a picture post soon!!

And another PS: If you havent checked this out yet...well you should!

Thank you for being loyal followers and prayer warriors. We are in the midst of a battle and the Lord has placed it on my heart to share our trials. I hope that in some way you can find encouragement from our testimony and our yucky struggles. Know that we are just regular folks. We sin all the time. We accidentally say potty words sometimes. We forget to return phone calls. I totally gave up on writing thank you notes. I think we may still have a DVD from blockbuster from over a year ago. Bottom line is...I am sad that our life has brought us so many obstacles. BUT I am thankful that the Lord placed it on my heart to share. You love us and encourage us in so many ways. His people are proof of what is to come. And its good.

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