Thursday, December 29, 2011

a little christmas magic

This Christmas we definitely felt an urgency to do something different and really make it special. Justin wanted to make this Christmas memorable. He suggested using the cottage at the river house to celebrate the special weekend and it was a huge success!
I have never enjoyed my family so much. The Lord provided such perfect time for each of us to spend together. Justin and I really got some one on one time that we REALLY needed. We had uninterrupted time with the kids and no silly distractions. We bundled up and ate yummy comfort food and did NOT talk about being sick. It was precious time indeed.
It was sad coming back to the reality of our world the next day. Straight back to a doctors appointment with more concerning news. I had to mourn a little when we returned. I had to refocus on what needed to be done and where my head needed to be. I wish my head could stay at the river house with the beautiful scenery and cozy pajama time. But that is not the reality that the Lord has placed at our feet. He has given us something big to endure. It is not something for us to accomplish or defeat..that is His job. It is just our job to glorify Him each tricky step of the way. So we are back home and as burden free as we can be. Striving to lay it all at his feet and just trying to keep that little magic river house spirit alive here.

This is where we got to stay! So blessed with such generous family that is willing to
share their beautiful home with us.
Christmas Eve cookies for Santa and grapes for the reindeer and
a sad farewell to our friend JJ Bean.
Our little Christmas tree!
Christmas Breakfast! Green pancakes and bacon :)
Followed by cupcakes for Jesus' birthday of course.

Daddy's Deer

Mommy's Deer
I am so sad that her tongue is hanging out like that. So unbecoming. I may never do that again.

We made snowflakes!
And cookies...

with LOTS of icing!

We hung a sign so Santa could find us!

The boys had some fun at the river. All they needed was pajamas, jackets and pop pop!

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