Sunday, August 12, 2012


We are so very sad that summer is coming to an end. I love summer to pieces. I love the freedom we have to just hang out. I am looking forward to fall weather for Justin's sake, but we really really dont want summer to end! We still have two more weeks and we are gonna party hard the rest of the way....but here are a few things we have been up to:

We got a chance to celebrate Justin's graduation with friends. He was such a dork about the whole thing. He wouldnt allow me to invite many people to dinner. He is so private and hates to be the center of attention. Clearly opposites attract :) We had a great dinner at Pappasitos and although I would have LOVED to throw him a huge bash with the whole town...this night was all about JUSTIN...and he wanted it small. I am so proud of him and am grateful we have friends who are just as proud!

So this adorable thing happened the other day and I am so happy I had my phone
 to catch this sweet moment

My friend Mandy and I took our kids to emerald rainbow and our big kids tried out the velcro wall. 

We made a new friend. His name is Colton and we are already so in love with him. I am excited to have met Colton's mommy because now Brody will know there are other kids around that are as cute as he is! I see a great friendship blossoming here :) Sidenote: the pic was supposed to be of just Brody and his new buddy....but ALL the macs loved Colton!

I cannot remember if I already shared this information, but I am excited to announce I am now teaching bootylates (yup...i made that up lol. its a barre/mat pilates infusion) AND TRX with these cute gals.
 I am grateful for this new opportunity! My prayer is that I will be able to train just a few hours a week so that I may minimize the amount of time I am away from my family. Wish us luck!

My boys visited the dentist! Well...Bryce and Brax did. Brody was not so interested. 

We took another trip to the childrens museum. 

We got to see Carter Welch!

We saw the new baby sea lions at sea world. 

Braxton had his very first ice cream cone!

Brody was tall enough to ride the shamu ride this time!!! (please stop growing brody. asap.) 
So Brax and I headed to the carousel. 

Lots of fun and more to come!

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