Wednesday, August 29, 2012

back to school

We miss summer! We have had a great first week back at school...but man we really do miss summer!

We were on our way to life group last sunday and stopped for a little impromptu photo shoot. They were being major cheesers. I said go stand by that tree and this is what they did!
They have all really grown :(

first day of school pancakes!

it is hard to believe that this little boy started first grade. just yesterday he was born. 

Brody LOVES his new teacher! He is going to have such a great year. 

Big boy Brody on his way to class!

These brothers were VERY excited to see each other after a morning apart. Of course they started fighting 10 minutes later...but nonetheless this was a cute moment. 

Now I get to have a few hours of sweet time with this little nugget in the morning. 
He insists on wearing a backpack (he calls it a packpack) like his big brothers. 
It is empty. 


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