Thursday, August 16, 2012

we heart the fickeys

Here is what is new today: My very dearest friend and her family need YOUR help. They are living out what the Bible mandates us to do. Satan wants to get in the way. We are not going to allow that are we?? There is a little angel baby boy WAITING for the Fickey's to come get him from the Congo. The adoption fees have DOUBLED from what they originally planned for. They NEED us ya'll. This baby boy NEEDS us to dig deep and find $5 to give. More would be a blessing, but if everyone we know gave $10 and then they told all their friends to give $10....we could be done with this in a jiffy and on to the next thing! There are several ways to help. You can come out tomorrow to 179 Bentwood in Boerne between 3pm-5pm and buy some yummy lemonade and baked goods from some REALLY cute kiddos (hopefully sam and my two little will leave some treats for everyone) and make a donation OR you can simply make a donation through paypal. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray for this family, share this with your friends and please consider making a donation. This family has spent the past 2 years raising awareness for the orphan crisis AND money for OTHERS to adopt.
Please read KATIES BLOG and share the link! Please ask your network of friends to consider making a donation. Even $5 is enough to make a difference!

So you read the blog and you can't wait to donate right???
Great. Here is the paypal account! OR we will see you tomorrow for some yummy treats!!

misty mac

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