Sunday, May 12, 2013

let us REJOICE

The past few weeks (and specifically days) have been jam packed. Much has happened, some good, some sad and a lot of in between.
We have had a LOT to do in a short time regarding Justin's surgery...which also came during a VERY busy two weeks of life. We had some family pics taken by our awesome friend Rachel Russo. She is SO very talented and so precious for squeezing us into her busy schedule. We had a great time and I ALREADY have the most amazing pics hanging on my wall (thanks to another dear friend!). We were SO blessed to have some amazing friends put together a little 24 hour getaway to the Hill Country Hyatt. We needed some time away to think of nothing...and we could not have done that at a more beautiful and relaxing place. So grateful. Then we took a little impromptu getaway to the river house (justins favorite place) to relax and spend some time with the boys. It has been so amazing having Justin home these past few weeks. We have gotten to actually do LIFE with him...we see him more than one day a week and it has been incredible. The boys are on cloud nine. He has been resting quite a bit which has been so needed for so long. Then...we MOVED. We closed Tuesday and moved straight in. Again, my amazing friends came through and less than 48 hours later we were FULLY unpacked. Completely done. Insane, I know.
Unfortunately, that night our community lost a very dear person. The town of Boerne was shaken as a pillar of faith, a leader in our church, an amazing husband and father was taken from this earth in a car accident. We rejoice as he enters Heaven, but we mourn with his beautiful wife and two adorable children. It hurts to badly to think of a loss so tragic and instant. I feel like I have been given a very big heads up on what could potentially be a significant loss in my life. My friend did not have a heads up. This town has lost so much and yet gained so much. Stay near to us Lord... because we are broken hearted.
Amidst this devastating loss, Justin chose to rededicate his life to Jesus. We know that God had orchestrated this plan long ago, and we moved forward with his baptism on Saturday. Justin's dearest friends joined us at the river for a beautiful celebration of salvation. I just cannot describe in words (I know, shocking!) how special this day was. The weather was forecasted to be gross, but the sun shined so brightly! It could not have been more perfect. Our Pastor challenges him and loves him so much, it was so personal and just so perfect.
And now, we prepare for surgery day. There has been SO much to do in preparation. Blood work, tests, appointments, xrays and blah blah blah. Justin and I will arrive for pre op stuff at 4am on Tuesday. We have absolutely no idea how long he will be there but we have planned for no less than 7 days. He will have a total left hip replacement and core decompression on the right. These two surgeries at the same time are complicated and risky for anyone, but even more so for Justin. So why the rush? The several doctors that treat him on a regular basis and the several surgeons who saw him agreed that this is Justin's only chance to walk again and to reduce the pain long term. There are no guarantees. It is also necessary to carefully place this surgery smack in the middle of his chemo the time is now.
Please cover him and the two surgeons in prayer. Please think of him during the long road to recovery ahead. We don't know what the next few weeks and months are going to look like, but we do know that we can do it. We will figure it out, we will roll with the punches, I will undoubtedly freak out a time or two, we will be loved on and prayed for...and we will never stop leaning on the Lord. We will find the new normal, we will kick its tail and then we will move onto the next thing. God is so faithful in bringing us peace and understanding even when it seems like there just isn't a bit of hope left. We don't have time to be idle friends. There is much to gain in leaning on the so much.

and now some pics...

just one of the amazing shots russo got :) bryce was on standby with the crutches...macs working together!
 my boys LOVE babies

Raegan and Ellis workin hard on unpacking day!!

Baptism Day
real men love jesus
 (check out all that ONE LESS orange!)
 two little buddies watching Justin on this extra special day

 loading up to head down to the river. i mean...does it get more awesome than this?

And he was washed in the blood. This remarkable gift from Jesus will never be forgotten. 
This is the day the Lord has made...Let us REJOICE!
more pics to come

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