Saturday, February 21, 2009

la ti da

Lots has been going on! We made a week long trip to Houston to get some things in order for my mom. She had a procedure done last Monday to get her ready for chemo, and unfortunately the person who was so supposed to be there with her was not so she woke up alone and scared. My brother and I both have kids and busy houses and since my sister really does not work and does not have children we all assumed that she would be the best fit and most relaxing environment to take care of our mom. She has always had jealousy issues and this time she just took it too far. She has hurt our family more than she ever has in the past and believe me when I say she has done more damage to our family over the years then could ever be mentioned. We have all put up with it for years and years but enough is enough! Our friends and even extended family are sick of her lies and excuses. This is the time to pull together and love each other more than ever. Our beautiful mom needs our love and kindness! Soooo I took her to her oncology appointment and we got things set up! The Dr. wants to be VERY aggressive with her treatments and will do 6 weeks of continuous chemo and daily radiation. It will be a hard time for her, but we have great people stepping in to help and so many loved ones that have offered love and support. We are so truly blessed to have the support system we do! My brother and I are doing everything we can to make her life as stress free as possible! My sister in law is doing EVERYTHING she can and caring for her just like she would her own mom....its amazing the way that people can come together in a time of crisis.
Brody had a hard time at my moms...its an old house and his breathing was definitely strained while we were there. We had to do lots of breathing treatments and ended up just sleeping in the hotel...but we really needed to make this trip to get things organized for her. He was a trooper though and now we are home and back on schedule. We will visit the pulmonologist on Tuesday just to make sure things are good. Bryce had a great time with my mom. He loves spending time with her and loving on her. I know my boys were the best medicine and she really needed that 5 day dose!
I am so pleased that I have such great people loving on me right now. I have had a lot going on since July and it seems like it has been one thing after another. We are staying strong and positive and trusting God's plan for us. We are thankful (sometimes confused and maybe every once in awhile GASP overwhelmed) and overall so pleased with the way things have turned out. Please pray for us!
I am bummed that I was not able to spend more time with friends while I was in town, but things were so hectic that there was just no time! I hope to make another trip in soon so I can see everyone else and show off my babies :)

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