Sunday, February 1, 2009


God sometimes gives us a difficult path to follow, but it brings us to the most beautiful people. Sometimes it seems like we cant catch a break and then we look around at all the wonderful things that have happened along the way and it does not make the situations seem so bad. We have met people in the hospital that have truly enriched our lives. We have met people that need our prayers so badly. We have met people that need a hug and others that just a simple smile could have helped there whole day. Brody's health has brought so much pain to our hearts, but in the end it has really ended up bringing more joy. We watch him fight and then when we finally get that smile its just that much more rewarding. The circumstances that we have been put in have made us the people that we are...and that is just who God wanted us to be. So although his plan may not seem to make sense now and the end it really does.
No new updates on muffin. He is still in the ICU, but he has really made a turn around. I know that we will be out of there and back on a regular floor in no time. His pulmonologist was very aggressive with his treatments and we were able to knock his oxygen levels down to level 2 every 4 hours!
Bryce has insisted on wearing a tie today...with plaid shorts. Man I love that kid.

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