Friday, February 13, 2009

lots of things

This has been an eventful week. I think we have all finally recovered from Brody's hospital stay. I did not think I would ever get myself reorganized from that...but things are finally beginning to fall back into place. Brody is back to his old self and laughing and playing and rolling and scooting all over the place. Bryce has forgiven me for being gone so much and is very glad to have his baby back. We are doing advair and albuterol in the more nebulizer thank G! Flonase up the nose once a day (totally rude) and we have switched to prevacid from zantac. Our pulmonologist gave us a very strict plan to follow, we absolutely love how thorough he is! We will do a follow up with him in a few weeks. Let's pray that we can eliminate as much of the meds as possible! Medications are the pitts (the smelly/hairy kind...not the jolie kind). Mandy, the OT came by Wed. and was absolutely astounded by Brody's progress. She was thrilled that Justin and I kept us his exercises even while he was in the hospital. Mr. Muffin was not going to let that pnasty pneumonia stand in his way!
I am trying to work through the stress about my mom and Brody and all the other things that moms and wives deal with and I am just trying to make sure that I do not become hardened. It is difficult to always be the strong one and the one that keeps it all together for everyone else. I am the one with the "answer" and the faith filled response that glues all the pieces back in place. I am working hard not to be in "denial" ... but also trying not to "work" to hard at it. You know...over analyze and dwell. There is a middle ground somewhere in there that I think I have found...but you can never be too sure.

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