Thursday, February 5, 2009


So ALOT has happened since my last post. We are still in the hospital, but Brody has been oxygen free for about 2 hours! His saturations are great and the DR. is positive he will be out tomorrow! Please pray for Brody! OT/PT/ST all came by yesterday and thought Brody looked fabulous. They could not believe how great his muscle tone is and how active and talkative he is! Yay Muffin! We have had a LONG week with hardly any sleep or normal food and its been difficult, but we can finally see a light at the end of this dark and disgusting tunnel. After projectile vomiting, spewing poop, constant sleep interruptions, an ignorant/arrogant dr. (don't worry I put her in her place), breathing treatments, antibiotics, steroids, oxygen, advair, flonase, synages, IV fluids (not to mention 4 separate IV's), a never ending beep beep beeeeeeeeeeep and the good Lord only knows what else...WE ARE OFF ALL MONITORS AND OXYGEN! We have kept our heads high and stayed positive (well most of the time) and now our little man is going to get to go home! Bryce has been so patient and loving and I cannot wait to get out family back to normal. The most wonderful people have really been loving on us and we could not be more grateful. This past 9 days has been ultra-uber-super hard and crummy...but its just one more thing that we can say we made it through! Love to everyone who has been keeping up with the mcelhannons!

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