Wednesday, February 25, 2009

pulmonology visit and OT

Bryce's "baby girlfriends" Hannah and Tanna

Bryce and Lily...what a ladies man he is these days!

Brenna, Bryce, Taylor and Brody! All Mama Me's Babies!

Big Kids :)

Brody LOVES him!

Bryce and Layne riding off into the sunset

Taking big boy Layne for a drive

Dinner time with BFF Logan

Taking a ride in the dump truck!

Racing Logan

Well we had our visit to the pulm. and everything was great. He decided to put Brody back on his steroid for another week to help with the inflammation in his lungs. This will take that huffy puffy smoker wheezy sound away! We are continuing to do xopenex treatments with the puffer every 4 hours. No more nebulizer hooray! Mandy with OT came by today and working with flexion and on sitting up and on pushing up to the crawling position! He was a little fussy at first because he had just eaten and just wanted to veg out...but he got in the groove and had a good time!

On a different note...I got pulled over yesterday for talking on my phone in a school zone. I mean whatever, it was not even a "real school" and I know there were "real kids" but I was on a very important call...ok it was not important at all...but I just had some stuff to say! I am going to have to start reading street signs I guess.

Unfortunately my sister has continued to break my moms heart and disappoint our family. She put all my moms stuff out on the porch and left it there for days until we were able to get Justins sweet mom to go get it. Her behavior is just devastating and I know that one day she will regret her actions so badly. We pray hard for her and ask that you all pray for her as well.

We are so happy to be in the beautiful city! I miss relationships from Houston...but I dont miss the city at ALL! I have made such beautiful friendships here and I am so excited to raise my boys in such a pleasant environment. Justin really has given our family the ultimate gift :)

I am going to post some fun pictures of what we have been up to recently...I hope you enjoy!