Saturday, May 23, 2009

Birthday cont....

So...Horseshoe Bay Resort was INCREDIBLE! Justin completely surprised me and it was a MUCH needed getaway after the year we have had. I was pregnant on my last birthday and I cannot really think of the last time him and I went anywhere completely on our own...was it our honeymoon? Anyways, we got to the resort and rode jet skis, laid in the pool (that overlooked the lake!) ate yummy delicious food and yummy frozen drinks delivered by cute boys in khaki shorts! It was a dream to sleep in and have a romantic lakeside breakfast. We really had a great time and I am so appreciative for all his thoughfulness!
I was thrilled to get back to see my precious boys who painted rocks for me :) We got to open a big box from my dad and he had sent presents for everyone! I am feeling very blessed this week! Although, through all the wonderful events it has been severely painful to do this all without my mom. I know she is with my in my heart...but I just cannot help but feel angry that I cannot share all this with her in person.

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