Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Just a quick note to post the latest news. I had my first weekend away from Brody this past weekend...and I missed him like crazy BUT I had a super great amazing time! I swear both the boys got bigger after only 2 days! It was so pleasant to sleep in and have coffee in peace, but it was also great to get back to the normal everyday chaos that I live :)
Brody is becoming a chatterbox...he loves to lay in his bed in the morning and blah bleeee bleh ahhh to himself. I think he is singing to me in the monitor (although Justin calls it something other than singing). His big photo shoot is this Thursday...so keep big smiles in your prayers.
Bryce has had soccer cancelled for the past few weeks due to weather and swine flu, so we are looking forward to getting back on track with that this Saturday.
We have really enjoyed having my mom's beautiful urn in the house. It is so peaceful for me to know that she is in our home and will stay here with us forever. This is where she wanted to be and I am grateful to give her such an exciting place to view our world. Mother's Day is coming up and although I am proud to be a mommy and look forward to having my boys celebrate me, I cannot help dread the day a little. I always gave my mom such exciting gifts and took her to eat at Joe's Crab Shack for Crab Legs...and I am so bummed we can't do that this year. Part of me wants to just skip the day altogether and just pretend its just another Sunday. I know these moments are going to continue to arise and I will struggle with them, so please continue to pray for my peace and strength.
Our social schedule has been a madhouse lately...my calendar is bursting and I love it! Does not leave me too much time to blog though! I plan to post lots of pics from the past few weeks in the next few days.
Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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