Wednesday, May 20, 2009

birthday things so far

I am turning 25 tomorrow and the birthday fun has been going full force since last Thursday! Dena, Lisa, Katie and Sara took me to a super fun girls night out dinner and showered me with amazing presents :) I came home to a fun filled box from Nana and then had an awesome birthday lunch with Sunni, Lisa, Dena, Kelly and Sara with kiddos...more presents and more fun! My mailbox has been filled with sweet cards (an extra special card from my Aunt Debbie) and although this birthday is my first without my mom and I am not sure exactly how to truly celebrate without her, my friends and family have gone above and beyond to make this a special week for me! Now the icing on the cake...My oh so amazing hubby is taking me on a SURPRISE TRIP today! The kids are staying with a friend and I was told to pack a bathing suit, a nice dress and shorts! We are leaving in just a few minutes and I am peeing in my pants with excitement...look for a new post thursday night with details on this super secret expedition!

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