Thursday, May 7, 2009

who cries at walgreens?

well i do. i cried my little face off in the mothers day card aisle at walgreens today. it was a lot of sappy lines and pretty butterfly prints with i love you mom and thank you for my life and it was just more than i could handle. i always put so much thought into my mom's cards and although i was there buying cards for all the other moms in my life, i just could not help but think about what i would have got for her. it hurts my heart that i have to live each day without her. i want to hear her smiling voice (and yes she totally did have a SMILING voice)! bryce and i continue to talk about her on a daily basis and it feels so incredible. her urn is slightly intimidating for me...and brings on quite a few too many emotions...BUT its the most gorgeous thing i have ever had and its just a speechless feeling to have it. thinking of my mom's life humbles me beyond belief. i have so many more lives to touch. God exalts me and for that i am thankful for His guiding hand. He uses me in the most incredible ways and although i often feel inferior and lost to my mom's death...i KNOW His plan for me is GREAT and i am honored to be used in such humbling ways.
on to other calendar man was such a super star today! we did his DSA calendar shoot this morning and i CANNOT wait to see the results next week. he is such a little muffin and peach and pumpkin pie with cherries all over and i want to just eat him UP! Bryce skipped school today so he could be there for his bubby's special day. Bryce is probably Brody's number one fan and its cuter than cute. I love those little boys guts to the MAX :) God is great!

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