Thursday, June 11, 2009

i love summer

We are all really enjoying the summer time! It is so nice to eat snow cones and Popsicles and play in the pool. I am really trying to enjoy it now because I know as I get bigger its going to get HOTTER and that is no fun at all :) I am very excited to not be 7 months pregnant at this time of year like I have been twice before. I am 11 weeks now...which I really hardly consider pregnant! I am starting to feel better in the mornings...I am able to eat a little better...and every single smell 17 miles away is not making me want to cut my nose off my face. I made it to the gym this morning and I think I will be able to get back into my regular work out routine in the next couple of weeks. My hair is already starting to get dry-ish, but thankfully my skin is under we just have to keep my butt under control LOL. I am starting to get a little emotional these days, little bitty things hurt my feelings and I have been hurting for my mom. I have never done this without her and its super scary to not have her by my side. I lived with her when I was pregnant with Bryce and she lived with us when I was pregnant with is just weird this time around. I am so blessed for everything she taught me. I am so glad that I was able to give her two grandchildren before she moved to Heaven...I am so glad that she was able to fluff my wedding dress before I walked down the aisle...hold my head up while I pushed out Bryce...throw me a graduation party...hang my pictures in my dorm at college...hand me tissues after my first heartbreak (then say i told you so HA)...and love me and my family so unconditionally everyday of our lives that our hearts are forever spoiled rotten! I have been able to go into her closet at my house lately and I LOVE to just open the doors and smell her. I can't believe that she smelled like old lady...I so did not think of her as an old lady. Lightening may strike my bedroom tonight for saying that...BUT for the record, its a LOVELY old lady smell that I just cant get enough of!
Please continue to pray that we have a healthy baby! We are SO ready for God's next gift for us. I know He will continue to use our family in great ways.
Brody is becoming the life of the party...socializing and cooing and flirting his way around town. He reaches out for people he wants and then bats his long beautiful eye lashes at them. He is for sure a ladies man. I have a road of trouble coming my way with him and Bryce...they are just two little precious fireballs! Bryce has been getting lots of mail from his Pop Pop (my dad) which is the excitement of the moment! Pop Pop sends really cool toys and pajamas and party supplies that mommy does not he is pretty popular in our house these days. Bryce thinks his Pop Pop is a Cowboy for his job and that he lives in the airport. We are always picking him up and dropping him off naturally Bryce thinks that is his home. He talks to my dad on the phone almost everyday...and they strictly talk about man things. Deer food, fishing, kayaking, Lightning know...guy stuff. I love it.

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