Sunday, June 28, 2009

No Fun

There has been so much sad news in the media lately. First, I have sooo many memories of watching Ed McMahon on Star Search. That was like my favorite show...and I would always do little shows and make my parents give me "stars." And who didnt love watching him ring the doorbell of a 900 year old woman and hand her a humungo check! Farrah Fawcett was more of my mom's kind of gal...but it is just so sad to know that anyone had to endure the horrible struggle of cancer. She had the same type of cancer my mom did and watching her story made the pain that my mom was going through so very real. She had the money to fight the cancer off in the best ways, she had chemo and radiation and then special treatments in Germany and she STILL suffered tremendously. In the end the nasty cancer won. I pray for all families who have that horrible diease touch them in some way. Justin and I have been singing and dancing our little butts off to VHI, FUSE and MTV the last few days with the MJ videos playing constantly! An American Icon has passed away, and altough I may not agree with all of his worldy choices and I may have never sent my kids over to a playdate at his house, you gotta admit he is a LEGEND and his music changed so many lives! And lastly, BILLY MAYS! Bummer, because his obnoxious and way too loud voice could just sell me sand in a dessert. I loved that new show pitchmen and EVERYtime the OxiClean commercial came on (for whatever reason) Bryce would get so excited! I pray for no more sad news and I pray for each of these peoples families...especially their children. It is unbearable to lose a makes me sick to know there are so many others enduring the same amount of pain as I am.
In other news...we had a great weekend! It was two days of absolute relaxation! We did our best to stay out of the HEAT (as many of you know...I am a fainter)! Today we had some fun at Pottery Paint with some great friends...I can't wait to pick up Bryce's T-Rex when it is all ready! Brody has his 9 month check up tomorrow (we are finally getting around to it!) so lots of prayers while we visit the dr. tomorrow!

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