Thursday, June 25, 2009

its thursday

I am 13 weeks pregnant now! Baby #3 (that is what we are calling it right now since we don't know the sex) is the size of a peach. Another website said it was also the size of a large shrimp...but I dont like shrimp. Anyways, I am feeling zillions times better! I am not feeling sick anymore, Praise God, although I am still a little tired in the afternoons and I already have to pee one hundred times a day. Please keep baby #3 in your thoughts and prayers. Pray that baby #3 stays in as long as he needs to develop well and grow strong. Pray for him to be healthy and just as perfect as my other two :)
Brody has made some MAJOR big time steps the past few days! He can now get into the sitting position ALL BY HIMSELF! From a lying down position he maneuvers his way up and then gets so excited for himself (because we have been practicing this!) that he flaps his arms up and down like a little birdie about to fly away! He is in 4 point (hands and knees) for very extended periods of time now and is getting so much stronger on his feet! He can also....drum roll please...HOLD HIS OWN BOTTLE!! Way to go Brody Todey!!!!! Bryce was our very independent child and he would not allow us to hold his bottle after about 4 we have been anxious for Brody to master this! Bryce is BY FAR his biggest fan. He drug all of our VBS friends over today to watch "his baby" feed himself and sit up. It is so heartwarming to watch Bryce's excitement for "his baby's" accomplishments.
Working at Vacation Bible School has been so fun for our whole family. We do kinda drag out of here in the mornings...BUT all 3 of us have had a blast each day. The boys have been making Justin all kinds of goodies to hang in his office.
Tomorrow is a very, very special day!! My Mom's 60th BIRTHDAY! Birthdays have always been a VERY big deal in our family. My mom always gave me HUGE birthday parties with tons of friends and presents. She always made sure everyone felt special on their special day. She would hang banners and bring big fancy lunches to school or work for my friends. She has gone above and beyond every year of my life, for the time Justin was in her life and for all 3 of Bryce's parties she has bought extravagant presents and party favors....SO our family has decided that we will be celebrating my moms birthday tomorrow because birthdays were her favorite. I hope and pray that I am able to make birthday's in my family as special as my mom always managed to do.

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