Tuesday, June 9, 2009


1. Brody is doing great! He has his 9 month check up this week so there will be more updates on him later this week. Currently he is weighing in at about 18.5 lbs! His OT continues to come every other week and she is always so proud. He is standing in 4 point (crawling position) for extended periods of time now and is learning how to go from his side to the sitting position! He loves to sit like a little frog and looks so precious when he does.
2. Bryce the crazy is just still my little stinker. He keeps this house a-movin! He is quite the character and really keeps us on our toes with his observations and commentary. He has just a couple weeks left of the June school program, where they swim and play in sand, and then he is all mine! We have been staying busy with playdates and trips to fun places and have a packed calendar for the rest of the summer. Justin and I took him to the movies to see Up and he loved it!
3. Pregnancy is not my favorite. I have been ultra - yucko - sick ola! I have yet to be good at the pregnancy thing and I think I am better at the baby part. We have had some ugly news with this pregnancy that I don't love. I am considered "high risk" and have been ordered to take about two hundred and ninety tests, see a specialist or ten etc. etc. However, we have prayed about it and decided that Brody is not a "problem" for us...He is the baby God chose for our family and if God wants to give us another one just like him...then we are really lucky. I would not trade Brody for the world and we like him...A LOT! I dont think its fair that I am considered high risk beacause I made one baby that does not look like everyones elses. So...no testing and crazy stuff for us. We are ready for this baby and will love it just the same as our other two crazy kids no matter if it has three heads, eleven toes or some other little precious design that God adds while making him.
4. We have been ON THE GO! I had my MOPS Steering Retreat and had a great time planning the next super fun year for Boerne Mops! I am so blessed to be a part of such an amazing team of women. God really places us in the most amazing places. I had a great time subbing last week at the preschool...other peoples kids are of course not my favorite...but I really enjoyed it and liked the kids :)We all had a great time at Waring General Store Steak Nite, I think its going to be a monthly tradition! www.steaknite.com Now we are getting ready to head to Flying L Guest Ranch for a swim day tomorrow and then a neighborhood garage sale this weekend.

Keep us in your prayers!

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