Thursday, November 12, 2009

i love pineapples

YUMMY! Baby Braxton Lee (33 weeks) is now the size of a pineapple...which just so happens to be one of my most favorite things! Doctors appointment today went great (other than the fact that the nurse insisted on writing down my weight in front of me....there is NO reason that my eyeballs should ever see number that big associated with my body)!!!

Obviously there are no pics of Brax's room yet, and this is because I am lazy. Well not totally lazy...but after chores around here...running around after the two crazies + the other crazy (that is justin)...subbing at preschool...nursey...AWANAS...MOPS...trampoline time (dont worry I am not getting on there)...feeding all these crazies....and etc. of course, well I have just not found the time to walk in there with my camera. For some reason that seems exhausting. I do have to say its looking pretty darn cute though, AND its so amazingly fun to go through Brody's box of clothes he has grown out of. I am anxious to put another little baby butt in all the super cute fleece pants he had!

We celebrated Justin's 27th birthday this week. I made a butter cake with peanut butter frosting and a chocolate glaze for the top and even frosted a toyota symbol on top so we could take it to his work! The boys made a big posterboard with their hand prints all over it and we successfully embarrassed the patooty out of him at his office! Mission accomplished :) The day after we celebrated our wedding anniversary! I am a lucky little lady to have such a precious husband. He surprised me that morning with a Movado watch and then a home cooked meal when me and the boys got home from Awanas. I always thought that our wedding day was going to be our most special memory of our love...that exchanging our vows was the most precious moments...but I have come to realize that is living our vows that has been a million times more special. Living up to those promises that we made in front of our loved ones and sharing our lives its been good.

the beginning of our family
the day we made the promise

i really love this guy

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